Introducing the INA Associate Membership

As of October 1, 2016, the International Nanny Association will be changing our current membership system in order to reward our loyal members and better reflect the professionalism and integrity INA has represented for over 31 years. At that time, all new members will join as Associate Members for one year. During that year, these new members will be expected to watch our “New Member” video as well as agree to uphold the INA’s Code of Conduct which includes an acceptance to follow INA’s Recommended Best Practices for their membership category. Once the year of Associate Membership is complete, the short video has been watched, and Code of Conduct signed, these members will graduate to Full Membership.

All current members as of September 30, 2016, will be grandfathered in as Full Members but will be asked to watch the New Member video and sign our Code of Conduct at the next renewal date. If a Full Membership lapses, they must renew within 3 months or be subject to rejoin as an Associate Member.

Associate Members will receive a modified INA member logo and many of the benefits that full members do such as:

  • INA’s newsletter 3 times a year
  • Member Eblasts
  • Access to member-only educational videos and live events
  • Discounts on the INA E-store
  • Reduced fees to the INA Annual Conference

However, only Full Members will receive the Full Membership Logo as well as have eligibility to apply for:

  • Nanny of the Year
  • INA Service Pin Award
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Conference Endowments
  • Spotlight Blog posts
  • Nomination to the Board of Directors

This Associate Member program was discussed and agreed to by the INA Board of Directors after consultation with the Ethics Committee and an investigation of other similar associations. The new system aims to strengthen INA members, protect the integrity of the Association, and advance the industry as a whole by educating all members of the best and safest practices in the industry.

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