Are You Taking Advantage of All Your INA Member Benefits?

ina member logoYour INA Membership comes with many benefits. We want you to take advantage of all we have to offer. INA utilizes Member 365, to organize not only our membership database but also publications, forms, exams and other documents for our members. Our staff is always available to help you navigate the program, but we have put together some simple direct ions to help you with the basics.

All members can:

Membership Certificate

Print your INA Membership Certificate directly from your member portal

  1. Log into your INA Member Portal

  2. Select My Account

  3. From the dropdown menu, select Membership

  4. Click on Membership Certificate

  5. A separate window will open with your membership certificate which you can then print from home or office


Member Logo

Include the INA Member Logo on your website

If you are a current INA Member, you can place the INA Member logo on your website. Follow these steps to download the high-res image and add to your site.

  1. Log in to your INA Member Portal

  2. Click on Workspaces from the top menu

  3. Click on INA Member Seal

  4. Click on File Library

  5. Select either the .jpg or .PDF version of the logo

Note: If you choose not to renew or your membership lapses, it is your responsibility to remove the INA Member logo from your website.


Access Members Only Library of Resources

We’ve put together a library of resources for our members including educational videos.

  1. Log in to your INA Member Portal

  2. Click on Workspaces from the top menu

  3. Click on Library of Resources

  4. Three separate videos will be available for your viewing

We’re also developing more videos and resources to add in the future.


Opt-in to Auto-renewal

Never let your INA Membership lapse. Opt-in to auto-renewal and your membership payment will be processed when it comes up for renewal. You’ll never miss an INA member benefit.


Save 20% on INA e-store Purchases!
Several publications along with our Basic Skills Assessment and INA Nanny Credential Exam are available at a discount to members.


Trouble accessing member portal

If you are unable to access your member portal, first try requesting a new password. This will arrive in a separate email, and the link will only be good for 24 hours. If that doesn’t work, your membership may have lapsed. You will need to contact INA at for further assistance.


Agencies, as a Standard, Supporting or Premium Member you can: 

Post Jobs on the INA Job Board ( In a f ew easy steps, you can post your agency jobs for ALL INA website visitors and social media followers to see.

  1. Log into your INA Member Portal

  2. Select Job Bank from the top menu

  3. Select Post & Manage Jobs

  4. Click the Green Box +Post Job

  5. Fill in all the necessary details, including your contact info and company logo

  6. Confirm Order (free for INA Members!)

Upon approval from INA Office Admin, your job posting will appear on our Job Board for 30 days. We will also encourage our social media followers to check out our job board, typically with a weekend post.


List your Agency in our Member Directory ( Standard, Supporting and Premium Members must complete their organization information to appear on our member directory and it is your responsibility to provide the information for that listing. This enables all visitors to our website to find you and contact you directly for your services.

  1. Log in to your INA Member Portal

  2. Click on My Account from the top menu

  3. Select My Profile

  4. Select Organization Info

  5. Fill in your contact info you want to appear for public viewing, add your social media links, and upload your company logo. Make sure and save after each entry.


Request a Mentor

Are you a new agency and needing guidance in the proper business protocol? Do you have a difficult client and need some advice? Request a business mentor to work with you long-term, or short-term. Our committee chair will work to connect you with one of our experienced mentors for your needs. Email us at to be connected with our Mentor Committee Chair.


Nannies, your benefits include:

INA Credentialed Nanny

Have you taken the INA Nanny Credential Exam? If so, you’ll be listed among those who’ve taken and passed the exam on our website.


Listing in the INA Member Directory

Individual members MUST opt-in to appear on the INA Member Directory.

  1. Log in to your INA Member Portal

  2. Click on My Account from the top menu

  3. From the drop down select My Directory Listing

  4. Click the green box Edit Directory Listing

  5. There will be either a RED or GREEN box next to Appear in the Public Website Directory.  Click it GREEN if you wish to appear in the directory. Click it RED to not be included in the directory.

  6. Under My Profile in the My Account menu, select Contact Info and update any info you wish to appear with your listing. This is also where you can add any social media you wish to appear with your listing. Make sure and save after each entry.


Request a Mentor (

Are you struggling in your job or need some advice about job search or career change? Request an INA Mentor. Our committee chair will connect you with one of our experienced mentors to help you with a short-term issue or long-range needs.

Coming Soon!

INA is working on updating the INA Publications for use professionally, in your agency or industry service. INA will make available one-time purchase of several of our publications, and allow you to reprint as you need them. No more bulk purchases.

We are constantly working to bring you more benefits and services. If you have a suggestion for a member benefit, email us at and we’ll pass it along to our board for discussion.

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