2021 Board Nominee Highlight: Rachel Lawrence

Voting for our 2021 – 2023 INA Board of Directors will begin on April 6, 2021, and before our Members vote, we would like you to get to know them. Today we are getting to know Rachel Lawrence. 

Rachel Lawrence: Rachel is a proud mother of three young children, including a set of twins, and has a solid 15-year foundation in the in-home childcare industry. She has worked as a nanny, a placement counselor has operated her own boutique nanny placement agency, and as a working mom, she is also a nanny employer. Rachel has previously served as a Board of Directors member, and as the Operations Manager for the International Nanny Association.  She is now the Agency Partner Specialist at HomeWork Solutions; advising nannies, families, and agencies on HR, taxes, and the importance of legal pay. She is the founder of FairAndLegalPay.com, a coalition designed to raise awareness about the need for legal pay in the industry, and to empower individuals to educate others about why it is so important.



When completing their application, they provided us with the following information. 

Q: Have ever served on an INA Committee or supported the INA through any type of service?

A: In addition to my work on the INA BOD, I was also the Operations Manager of the INA (which at the time was both the conference organizer, as well as the INA general office).  I have also served on the NOTY committee, and as a conference guide since.


Q: What Skills do you feel you possess that would help serve the INA?

A: I have written for INA in the past, and I am a contributor to public content/marketing related writing in my current position. My current position also requires me to stay up to date on current governmental/legal issues related to our industry.


Q: What committees are you interested in being involved with?

A: Conference Workshops, Marketing and Promotions, Diversity, Business Membership Support, Education, Meritorious Service Award, Nanny of the Year, Governmental Affairs


Q: What do you feel is the most important contribution you can make to the INA Board of Directors?

A: As a BOD member you must learn from others, discern what is most important for the organization in the present.  Most significantly, you must be the working hands and feet of the organization in order to have it reach its goals. To this tune, I am a good listener, I have a rational mindset, and I am not afraid to move to action


Q: Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?

A: I enjoyed serving on the BOD in the past, and I believe that we have a responsibility to the communities in our lives to give back at least as much as we have gained from them.  INA opened my eyes to this community 15 years ago, and it has enriched my life beyond measure.

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