Who would have thought just over 10 years ago that almost no one had heard the term “ Newborn Care Specialist” and yet within the last year we have released the INA Newborn Care Specialist Credential Exam and now, a new tool for agencies!

The Newborn Care Specialist Basic Skills Assessment is HERE!

NCS Agencies and Educators, are you looking for a way to assess a candidate’s overall skill level before placing them in a home with a newborn?

Are you a NCS that wants to set yourself apart from the large number of caregivers entering the field?

The INA NCS Basic Skills Assessment is a 30 minute, timed 40-multiple-choice question quiz that will check your essential knowledge when it comes to the care and safety of a newborn. It will test your understanding of newborn:

Physical Development
Emotional Development
Sleep Needs
General Care

Placement agencies or educators wishing to offer the NCS Basic Skills Assessment can purchase a year-long subscription to this Assessment. There are several packages to choose from.

100 Assessments for $150 ($127 Member)
150 Assessments for $279 ($233 Member)
300 Assessments for $449 ($359 Member)

Individuals wishing to take this assessment on their own can purchase one copy for $25 ($20 Member). This assessment is a great stepping stone if you are not quite ready to take the INA NCS Credential Exam.

Everything can be purchased in the INA Estore. Members, be sure you are logged into your membership account to get the Member Rate. Please note: individuals who purchase the NCS Basic Skills Assessment will receive a link via email automatically after purchasing it so they can take the assessment right away. Companies that purchase a subscription package will need to give the office 72 business hours to process your assessments. Further instructions will be emailed to you.

Please reach out to the office at memberservices@nanny.org today if you have any questions.

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