Tips for Keeping Your Employees Excited and Engaged in the Workplace

INA Blog Tips for keeping your employees excited and engaged in the workplace 1We’ve all heard it and many of us have experienced it first-hand: ‘the great resignation’. Employees of all kinds are leaving their jobs, which has created a multitude of difficulties for business owners, managers, and their customers. Now more than ever, companies need to do what they can to keep their employees excited, engaged, and content in the workplace. Here are some ways you can do that.

Remember that they are people first and employees second.
Your employees are real people, with real feelings and real experiences. Taking time to get to know them and learn what makes them unique, you demonstrate that you truly care. This establishes loyalty with your employee and the company and makes them feel empowered to do their best.

Include them.
You hired each person on your team for a reason. Perhaps it was because of the depth and breadth of their experience, their willingness to learn, their one-of-a-kind personality, or a combination of all those things. So, include them in decisions that you’re making for the company. Give them input in the strategy, let them suggest new tools or practices that will help make things run more smoothly. In other words, give them a voice. This keeps them excited and motivated to come to work, because they know that they will get a say in how to best improve and grow the company.

Show flexibility.
Rigid work environments that can’t flex for real-life situations can sometimes make employees feel used and stressed out. Be flexible as much as you can to ensure they feel heard and can be a part of their lives outside of work.

Reward them.
If your employees are doing a good job, don’t just tell them that you’re grateful, but show them, too. Find creative ways to thank them, either with sales celebration parties, bonuses, unexpected time off, or other ways that are unique to your company culture. Employees who feel appreciated and valued have a higher chance of staying in their role at your company.

It is critical in today’s landscape to create a company culture that values people and truly sees them. Doing this creates a more exciting place to work, ultimately encouraging your employees to show up and do their best work.  

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