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Want your company featured on the INA Website?

The INA is a unique organization in our industry in that we serve the entire community from those who have just taken on the role of nanny to large agencies or caregivers who have been in the business for 40 years and everyone in-between. 

This poses a challenge for us on many levels but especially with our website. The goal of a website is to provide each person that visits us the information they are looking for quickly. 

It is not a secret that right now our site does not accomplish that. A big part of the obstacle is that everyone needs something different. Nannies, newborn care specialists, placement agency owners, nanny employers, and other industry providers who are all looking for resources, and the media who are looking for data. We offer all of it but many just can’t find what they need right now. 

We need fresh eyes to look at our website, branding, and marketing strategy. It is time for not just a facelift on our website but a complete redesign of the message we send with the website and marketing.

A full redesign and development of a website is not inexpensive . We have been planning for this project for a few years now. Our 2021 – 2022 budget will include a large portion of the needed cost but to finish the project this year we are going to open Website Sponsorship opportunities. This means that you can sponsor a page (or pages) on our new website when it is completed. 

We have provided prices for small and large companies/organizations. Those who sponsor a page will:

  • Reach a targeted audience. You pick the page your advertisement is on.
  • Have an 300×200 px advertisement posted on our updated website (on the page you select) for 12 months starting when the new website is complete (estimated Fall of 2021). All pages will be updated in the website transition and suggestions to improvements to the page are welcome but we cannot guarantee they will be implemented. 
  • Choose the URL you would like your advertisement to link to. 
  • Select an INA social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter) and date to share your advertisement. For each $100 in sponsorship, you receive 1 Social media mention. For example, if you purchase a sponsorship for $400 you can select one date to share the advertisement on all 4 platforms or four dates to share on one platform, etc. 
  • Be able to switch out their advertisement any time they like throughout the year. 
  • Details of the analytics on the page you sponsor anytime you would like. 
  • Be put on the top of the waitlist for the next 12 months if you don’t get the page you want if someone else purchases it first. 

To price our sponsorship, we have weighed the analytics of our current website from 2020. To reserve a Website Sponsorship, please fill out this form

  • Pages are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • You will receive an invoice within 24 hours. 
  • Payments must be made within 2 weeks or the sponsorship will be released to the next company waiting or the public again. 


Page Name (link) Price Social media posts: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, OR Facebook
SOLD Event Calendar (new page) $900


SOLD Blog and all blog posts (new posts weekly)  $900      9
SOLD Job Board  $500      5
SOLD Member Directory  $400      4
Estore (Major updates coming) $500      5

General Information 

Hiring a Foreign Nanny $800      8
Childcare Definitions $600      6
SOLD Employment Rights of Nannies –  $500      5

Exams and Assessments

SOLD Nanny Credential Exam  $600      6
SOLD NCS Credential Exam $600      6
SOLD Nanny Basic Skills Assessment  $500      5
SOLD NCS Basic Skills Assessment Pages  $200      2

Programs and Publications

A Nanny for Your Family $400      4
SOLD Caregiver Mentor   $200      2
SOLD Steps to a Successful Start  $200      2
SOLDNanny Employer Handbook  $200      2


SOLD NCS Resources  $300      3
SOLD Nanny Resources  $300      3
SOLD Family Resources $300      3
SOLD Agency Resources  $200      2
SOLD Nanny Support Groups $200      2

Recommended Practices

SOLD Recommended Practices for Nannies $400      4
SOLD Recommended Practices for Agencies $300      3
SOLD Recommended Practices for Nanny Employers $200      2
SOLD Recommended Practices for Background Checks $200      2
SOLD Recommended Practices for NCS $200      2


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