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Written By: Greta Schraer

As we open this year, it is natural to look forward. New adventures in business, new goals, and a fresh balance sheet. But looking back has its place too, not just to predict the likelihood of the future, but to learn from what the journey has taught us this far. “Hindsight is 20/20”, they say and that clarity is so valuable.

Today, I share with you a compilation of wisdom nanny agency colleagues would tell themselves back then. These simple words hold a lot of weight; incredible stories and worthwhile experiences live within these one-liners.

“Don’t lift a finger until they’ve signed a contract.”
~ Katie Provinziano (Westside Nannies, Beverly Hills, CA)

“The best thing I’ve done for my agency is network with other agency owners. Finding my “tribe” has given me new ideas, energy, and support that has been invaluable to the growth of my business.
~ Laura Chandra (Boston Nanny Centre, Boston, MA)

“Not everyone is your client. Don’t be afraid to turn away a client. Usually, one red flag is followed by ten more.”
~ Michelle LaRowe (Morningside Nannies, Houston TX)

“Get your systems and processes set up early. It’s a lot easier to edit and change them as you go along then try and implement them later. Plus, it helps you provide consistent services to all your clients and nannies.
~ Joanna Briese (Joanna’s Nannies, CA)

“Always get it in writing. Contracts are your savior. Learn from your mistakes! Always grow and give people a chance. I wish I would have known how crazy some people can be!”
~ Kelly Williamson (Merit Nanny Concierge, Pittsburgh, PA)

“Hire your weakness. You can be an expert, but not at everything!” 
~ Ryan Jordan (Educated Nannies, Los Angeles, CA)

“I wish I had known that clients and nannies will respect you when communication is clear and concise. Those who waiver or are afraid to speak truth in love seem unsure of themselves; be confident in the knowledge that you have, and admit when you don’t have an answer and need to do more research to find out.” 
~ Christa D. Nader (KITH & KIN, New York, NY)

“Learn to let go and outsource. Find those who can bring new skill sets to your agency.”
~ Syma Latif (Bay Area Sitters, San Francisco, CA)

“I wish I had someone to show me the tax ins and outs.”
~ Amanda Adams (AmSquared Child Services, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA)

“Trust your gut. When it comes to working with a new family or nanny, if there is something telling you there is something off, there probably is!”
~ Bayly Silverman (Your Happy Nest Nanny & Babysitting Agency, Charleston)

“Hold true to what you know is right and true and look for those who believe that children’s safety  always come first in this industry.”
~ Louise Dunham (Placement Solutions, Australia)

The best entrepreneurs and business owners continue to grow and learn, letting go of the mistakes after embracing the learnings. As you jump into the new year, take time to pause and appreciate the lessons you have learned thus far. Are there changes that need to be made as you proceed? Is there work to let go, outsource, or increase? Is there an expert that can help you where you are stuck? Are there processes in place that don’t align with your personal core values?

Thank you to all the agency owners who have shared these words of wisdom. Just as we all have something to learn, we also have something we can teach. Our INA community and the collaboration within is priceless.

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