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The INA conference is just a week away, but we wanted to share one last workshop spotlight with you. This  time we are going to take a look at Ninja Recruiting being presented by Shenandoah Davis.

We asked Shenandoah what drew her to the INA Conference and she told us:

“The INA conference was my initial foray into the community of nannies and nanny agencies. I attended my first conference (DC) in 2016 only a few months after beginning work with Adventure Nannies and was blown away by the spirit of the event and the amount of time, passion and dedication that both organizers and attendees put into their time there. I felt instantly welcomed. I am now on the APNA Board of Directors and love both conferences and the array of material that is taught at each one, and think it’s so special to get to learn alongside nannies and newborn care specialists and other industry professionals at the INA conference.”

We asked her to tell us about her workshop, and she said:

“My workshop is about what the Adventure Nannies team calls “ninja recruitment” and will go into some of our out-of-the-box practices for finding and recruiting top-notch candidates for families who are looking for people with very specific skill sets and educational backgrounds to join their families. As online options become an exceedingly simple and free or low-cost option for families to find caregivers through, we’ve seen a lot of success with ‘ninja recruitment’ and actively sourcing candidates for every family as something that makes our agency worth the price tag when comparing it to online competitors.”

Shenandoah told us what she hopes people get from her workshop is:

“I hope that folks from agencies get some new and creative ideas on how to recruit better (and more) candidates for their position and refresh their rosters more often without dumping time and money into the vetting process on candidates who are not going to be good fits. I also hope that any nannies who attend will gain some insight on how to leverage their special skills and certifications towards making them a desirable ‘niche’ candidate for a family seeking someone with their exact life experience and background.”

Shenandoah’s presentation style is going to be moderately interactive, with a few case studies from her agency, as well as a couple of exercises to get participants collaborating with each other and engaged in coming up with their grassroots recruiting efforts!

Lastly, a little more about Shenandoah Davis:

I have been a nanny, tutor, music teacher, and babysitter at different points in my life before joining the Adventure Nannies team. I’m the type of person who likes to stay busy and really likes working, so in addition to being the Chief Operations Officer at Adventure Nannies, I am also a musician and co-own a screenprinting shop in Seattle. I came into my role at Adventure Nannies as a small business coach about three years ago and officially joined the team in a full-time capacity two years ago because I loved their vision and saw the potential for the agency to be successful and change the lives of the amazing candidates they get to work with. I love being a producer and helping other people’s ideas come to life, and I love being able to assist the dynamic nannies that we work with in finding their dream families and positions and advocating for them along the way – it’s such an empowering and rewarding job.

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