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Conference Workshop Spotlight – Navigating The Local Marketing Maze: How To Reach The Right Audience With The Right Offer

Speaker: Jim Fitzgerald Topics: Marketing   “…walk away with a better understanding of [YOUR] demographic … track your campaigns to fully optimize results and improve future performance.” As part of our Blog series highlighting some of the speakers at this year’s Conference, we will be getting to know Jim Fitzgerald a little better. We are… Read more »

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Week 6 of NOTY Portfolio Process

Week 6 of NOTY Portfolio Process By Marcia Hall, 2011 INA NOTY You have made it this far! Your portfolio is almost complete! Hopefully you are feeling a little less stressed about the NOTY portfolio process. This is the big week for EDITING, EDITING and more EDITING. I cannot stress enough how important editing is… Read more »

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5 Keys to a Successful Nanny Referral Agency

1. Know Your Business – Thoroughly. Your knowledge of your industry, and your market, are the first keys to success. You need to know: What services are you offering? How will your clients benefit from using your services vis a vis alternatives? Why are your services better than the competing services? Who are your customers?… Read more »

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The Art of Self Promotion: Modern Nanny Agency Marketing

Nanny Agencies, understand the key role authentic self promotion plays in your business’ success! The International Nanny Association’s 29th Annual Conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA on March 27-30th, 2014. The conference attracts nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from across the United States  and around the world who seek opportunities to expand their network,… Read more »

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Out With The Old: New Marketing Strategies For Your Nanny Agency

If your small business has used traditional marketing methods since its start up, it may be time to freshen your approach. While there is plenty of merit in the tried-and-true strategies, the future success of your nanny agency will require new efforts in order to stay competitive. In an article designed to help entrepreneurs with… Read more »

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