How to Ensure Your Family Gets Much-Needed Time in Nature

2By Derek Goodman

Is your family struggling with nature-deficit disorder? Too little time cooped up and not enough time outside isn’t good for anyone! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to ensure you and the kids get the time in nature you need. Here are some resources to help, courtesy of the International Nanny Association.

Nature Experiences in Your Own Yard

The easiest way to get your kids spending more time outdoors is to get them out in the backyard.

Around the State

Take the family out for an outdoor adventure to really immerse yourselves in nature.

Outdoor Sports and Activities 

Getting your children involved in sports is a great way to spend more time outside and has health benefits as well. 

It’s not always easy to make time, especially when you’re busy, but it’s important to schedule in some time to spend with the family. Any of these great ideas could become an experience for the whole family. Being in nature is good for you and your kids, and it’s especially important for families to get outside and play together. So, look for fun things to do at home and throughout the state, and consider picking up an outdoor sport or two. You’ll all be happier and healthier as a result!

Parents want to have endless time to spend with their families, but the reality is that we often have to work. Having a dedicated nanny can be a way to give your kids consistency and support when you’re not available, so that you can focus on quality time together outside of work. Learn more about the International Nanny Association and how they support nanny services around the world.


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