Training Yourself to Persevere Through the Most Difficult Times

INA Blog Training Yourself to Persevere Through the Most Difficult Times 1There are times where we feel like life keeps knocking us down. This might feel especially true right now, as many of us are dealing with stress, grief, and other obstacles that have been thrown into life’s path these last few years. When things like this cause feelings of despair or even hopelessness, it is important to be able to dig deep and tap into the skill of perseverance. Here are some ways to do that.

Expect change to come.
Most people don’t love change. However, if you accept and anticipate that change will come, it helps minimize the stress that comes along with it. Instead of fighting change that’s coming, persevere onward and recognize that putting positive energy into change will fuel growth. Negative energy does the opposite and can cause you to take steps backward or become stuck in a rut. Become a solution seeker as you walk out the changes that are happening.  

Know that you have a choice.
You have control over your thinking and control in how you handle life’s challenges that come at you. It might seem easier to make no choices or have someone else make them for you, but in the end, this only causes more frustration. So, use your power of choice and find liberation – this is what will help you to face issues head on with gusto.

Recognize when you need an extra hand or advice.
Part of persevering is knowing when it’s time to ask for help. Doing this is not a sign of weakness or failure. In fact, some of the most resilient people are those that have learned that relying on a network of support is what allows them to continue to be strong and continue to persevere when times get rough.

Don’t forget to maintain a good attitude.
Laugh, be positive, and try to maintain an attitude of hope. This not only does wonders for your physical health, but it also helps open your mind to more possibilities. Pessimism often shuts your mind and feelings down, encouraging you to withdraw more easily from what’s in front of you. Be mindful of maintaining a positive attitude, because if you do, you’ll thrive and be able to flex your persevering skills better.

There’s no doubt about it: life is a journey full of strange twists and turns. There is a combination of beauty, grief, uncertainty, and hope – and through it all, you can achieve your dreams with a steadfast commitment to persevering to get there.


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