Blog The Hidden Benefits of Becoming a Nanny (1)by Katie Brenneman

Nannying allows you to earn a great salary while pursuing a job that brings you joy. You’ll spend your days looking after young children and can take great pride in seeing them grow. 

Pursuing a career as a nanny has plenty of hidden benefits, too. You can save plenty of money if you become a live-in nanny and will find that you still have plenty of free time to pursue your own interests. 


Health Boost 

Most jobs involve little physical movement and plenty of repetition. This can take a toll on your physical and mental health, as we weren’t designed to sit at a desk all day compiling quarterly reports. 

Becoming a nanny can break you out of the monotony and promote improved mental and physical health. Running after children and cleaning up after a play date will get you moving and using muscles you didn’t know you even had. Fun games like hide and seek and tug of war are physically engaging and may even improve your motor skills. This is crucial for children’s development, too, as children learn best when they are playing

If you take a hands-on approach to nannying, consider buying some athletic wear and removing any fragile jewelry. Replace any valuable goods or rings with activewear jewelry like waterproof watches and sweatproof bands. This will ensure you can play without having to worry about smashing a watch face or losing an expensive wedding ring. 

Becoming a nanny can help you make time for yourself, too. Childcare can be stressful if you’re new to nappy changes and timeouts. However, you can stay mentally healthy as a nanny by taking mini-breaks of your own. This can help you develop an ethos of self-respect and ensure that you set a good example for the children you’re taking care of.  


Saving Money 

The average nanny’s salary in the USA is around $41,000. This is a little under the national average but, crucially, you’ll be able to save plenty while working with children. Parents will often take care of important expenses like travel and lunch and may offer bonuses for childcare around the holiday season. Just be sure to establish your financial responsibilities before you sign your contract and take care to avoid nanny hiring scams


Cultural Exchange and Being a Role Model

As a nanny, it is possible that you will be working with a family whose cultural, racial, ethnic, gender or other identities are different from your own or ones that you are familiar with; you may also have children in your care who identify as some type of minority. 

While this can come with its own challenges, it is also a great opportunity to practice cross cultural exchange and be a supportive role model. For instance, you can be an ally to an LGBT2QS+ child you care for by listening to them, asking questions, and celebrating their identity. Nannies play a vital role in molding children into respectful and thoughtful adults, teaching them to self-reflect, and helping them develop important social skills. As a result, holding this type of position is an honor, privilege, and big responsibility. 


Becoming a nanny is a great way to get paid for your childcare skills. You can save plenty when working as a live-in nanny and are sure to improve your cardio when playing chase with the children. You can also serve as an important role model in their lives. Just be sure to work with a recruiter who can help you overcome challenges when searching for a job.

Katie Brenneman is a passionate writer specializing in lifestyle, mental health, education, and fitness-related content. When she isn’t writing, you can find her with her nose buried in a book or hiking with her dog, Charlie. To connect with Katie, you can follow her on Twitter.

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