Top 10 Reasons Why All Professional Nannies Should be Members of the INA

Written By: Elika Kabui

  1. Experts

No nanny likes to hear the words “off the books” during an interview. I am absolutely cringing as I type. Negotiating fair and legal wages is easier said than done. I know many nannies who would be having some real trouble getting into an apartment or applying for a loan had it not been for the expertise of all the industry professionals who educated and supported them. Those experts can share important information with your potential nanny families about what Uncle Sam might do if they get caught paying their household employee like a contractor. Whether it is legal advice, Nanny Taxes, or contract anatomy, the INA has a pack of knowledgeable industry experts who are here to help whenever you might need them.

  1. I-N-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N

There is not an INA Nanny I know who could tell me that she has not learned a thing or two from being a part of INA. What is a cortisol dump anyways? How does it affect me daily in my position and ability to move past conflict and confrontation? Well if you were at #INA30 you would know! Dr. G really put it on us when she explained the importance of how to react to confrontation so your body remains healthy.

  1. Friendship

Welcome to the sisterhood! We, as nannies, know we need a special kind of friend. Let’s just be real, not everyone understands what we go through. I mean which one of your non-nanny friends will help you come up with a great explanation for MB as to why her whole closet of designer’s smells like rotten avocado flavored frozen yogurt? Yeah, that is what happened when big NK decided to put EBM intended for Baby NK into his super soaker and start World War 5,000!  You get the idea and yeah, that really happened!  You cannot find a better group of nannies to call your friends than those professional INA nannies!

  1. Ethics*

Do you not hate it when some crazy so called “Nanny” does something horrific and then it gives all of us professionals a bad rap? Not only is it incredibly tragic when a child is hurt under the care of anyone, but really… did it have to be a nanny? And did it really have to circulate in the media for that long? INA carries integrity, high expectations, and standards that all INA members are required to attain. Who does not want to be associated with an organization that holds nannies accountable for being professional caregivers and advocates for children?

  1. Support

As career Nannies we all hit the point when the support of other nannies is just what we needed at that moment to get through that day. We have to deal with some tough things. Dropping our charges off to the other parent in front of the Police station during an ugly custody battle, attending the funeral of one of our tiny and beloved Nanny kids, or being let go from our nanny family after 10 years really hurts. Having the support and connection or just a shoulder to cry on is sometimes all we need to get through the day. The support from other Nannies who understand our feelings is truly irreplaceable.

  1. Resources

Resources for Nannies and resources for families is what I call extremely helpful! We all know that having a legitimate place to get industry related information is important. How about those times you really need your nanny family to have the facts about guaranteed hours, benefits, and that it is not your job to walk “Bingo” and do the family laundry. Finding the nicest way to tell your nanny family what the typical industry standards are can be tough. Luckily there are tons of resources and information that INA provides regarding these things that will easily teach and show your nanny family what a professional you are and how you expect to be treated.

  1. NOTY

Seriously for what we do we should be millionaires by now, right? No money can accurately equate to the love, energy, and hard work it takes to be an amazing nanny.  Although we get thanks and praises from our nanny families, baby snuggles, hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” from our charges, we can still have a pretty thankless job at times. What other organization gives families the opportunity to nominate their nanny as “INA Nanny of the Year”? What an incredible honor that one of us is chosen to represent the INA and the 800k plus Nannies working in the USA every year! We all deserve it! Who will it be next year? I surely cannot wait to find out!

  1. Conference

Who doesn’t want a little vacation every now and then? As emotionally exhausting as our job can be, a little get away does not hurt. Connecting with old friends and making new ones at a different location each year never gets old. This is the perfect opportunity to network with other great professional nannies, agencies, and industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge.  Everything we receive from attending a conference completely exceeds the expense of getting there. If you just cannot make it work for your budget this year, no worries! Apply for the endowment and you could get into the conference completely sponsored!

  1. Raffle

Two words: Raffle Queen! If you have never met the raffle queen then you are missing out! Talk about tons of prizes and lots of winners! Everything from a monogrammed first aid kit to an entire Nanny Education course entirely paid for. The prizes are outrageously awesome and keep getting better! Want to be a part of raffle next year? Come to conference! You will love it!

  1. Seal of Approval

So you say you are a professional nanny, huh? Well in the world of nannies we know who the professional nannies are by who is associated with the INA. Having that seal of approval of being a proud INA member really places you above the competition. Families that are hiring a nanny love to see that you are a professional who wants to identify with other professionals. There is no better way to obtain your ideal position than being a part of an association that is the authority of in-home childcare. INA really takes the cake on this one!

Elika KabuiElika Kabui has been a dedicated nanny for over 9 years. Her passion for infants and small children has driven her to seek out a profession that specializes in the care of newborns and multiples. She recently graduated from Newborn Care Training Academy to brush up on her infant knowledge. Elika currently attends IMPI (International Maternity and Parenting Institute) where she is earning a more in depth education on sleep foundations and sleep education.

In her time as a Career Nanny, Elika has positively impacted the lives of families and children in several parts of the country. With her approachable personality, straightforward communication, and extensive experience, Elika is proud to be an INA nanny. Children love Elika for her consistency, fun personality, and genuine character. Her love of children is expressed in her everyday pursuit of encouraging the development of well rounded, happy, and secure children.

Elika resides with her husband in Dallas, Texas enjoying the outdoor offerings of living by White Rock Lake. Although she is currently shifting her career to work exclusively with newborns, her immediate and full time care is currently entrusted to Jaymoh, a 2 and a half year old little boy, whom she has been with since birth.


*If you are interested in seeing the INA’s updated Ethics Process, view them here.

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