Why Your Nanny Will Quit And What You Can Do About It

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Can’t find a permanent nanny because they all quit for some reason? Find out here what to do to make a good nanny stay in the family.

Talking with nannies looking for a new job, I realized: that a nanny does not leave a family where it is comfortable, where there is mutual understanding with parents, contact with the child is established, and wages are not reduced. It is critical to comply with the conditions agreed upon at the beginning of the working arrangement..

Let’s first look at what issues need to be discussed with the nanny and then find out why nannies quit.

Working Hours and Payment

  • Schedule. For example, five working days and two days off or six working days and one day out; the number of hours per day, and the exact time of arrival of the nanny.
  • Days and frequency of payroll.
  • Payment for overtime.
  • Duration and schedule of nanny’s vacations.
  • Vacation pay. Options: no payment, 50% or 100% of regular weekly pay.
  • Payment for “forced downtime” days. Days in which the nanny did not work for personal reasons of the employer (grandmother arrived, went on vacation)..
  • Use of utensils, change of shoes, babysitter’s clothes and other minor household issues.
  • Babysitting meals. Provided by the employer or the assistant brings food with her.
  • The possibility of joint trips to the country and abroad.

Deteriorating Conditions

Where does the nanny go: some reasons why assistants run away from families. For example, the nanny used to be provided with food, and then she was asked to bring food with her.

There was one child in the family, then the second was born, and the work became twice as much without additional compensation. Cleaning was not included in the duties, and now they are asking to clean the entire apartment. Previously, travel expenses were compensated – now, they are not. The list is endless.

Huge Pressure

There are many additional duties and assignments that the nanny physically does not have time to perform simultaneously with looking after a child from zero to three years old.

Hiding Information

It is about the health and development of the child. You can always find a nanny who will be ready to work with a child, no matter what diagnosis he may have, just be honest from the beginning

Incorrect Handling

No further comment needed here. We are sure you will agree that an employee treated with disrespect will leave the family and be right.

Low Pay Rate

You can find a nanny for several thousand dollars cheaper than the average market value but the question is, should you?

High quality, professional nannies, know their worth and expect it. Suppose you’re lucky – a professional with extensive experience in kindergarten or elementary school, but with no experience working for families. As a rule, such nannies desire a salary increase after a year of work.

So, let me summarize. For the nanny to work in the family for as long as the employer needs, it is necessary:

  • Discuss work schedule and pay for core and additional duties,
  • Respect the original agreements,
  • Be honest and correct with the nanny,
  • Remember that, first of all, a nanny is a person!

Suppose you don’t have a babysitter. If you have a nanny, then you will not lose her.

I hope my advice will help to establish and, most importantly, maintain a relationship with your valuable  nanny. I wish you long and fruitful cooperation!


Ryan is a passionate blogger and writer who likes sharing his thoughts and now he works as a content editor and internet researcher, you can check his website Preply. He likes to travel and explore new countries.

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