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Best Practices to Establish the Perfect Nanny Relationship

You’ve finished your search and have finally hired the best-fit nanny for your family, but where do you go from here to ensure that you develop the best possible nanny relationship ongoing? Honeymoon Period In every new job, both the employer and employee will be trying to make the best possible impression. Venturing into new… Read more »

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INA Member Benefit: Free Industry Publications

The INA has created several publications that help support and advance the industry. Members can receive these for free or at a discount. Here are a few highlights:  The Nanny Family Handbook – FREE This helpful tool for nannies, nanny employers, and nanny agencies gives the basics of employing a nanny in the home. Nannies… Read more »

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Nannying Versus Day Care: 5 Pros And 5 (Possible) Cons

  Quite a few nannies start their childcare careers in daycare and many agencies daily field inquiries from daycare workers who are interested in making the shift. With that in mind, we thought it would be worthwhile exploring the pros and cons of nannying compared with daycare. While working as a nanny provides a wonderful… Read more »

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Nanny Agencies – Are you Compliant with “Ban the Box” Laws?

Thorough background screening of nanny and newborn care specialist applicants is a major market differentiator between world-class nanny agencies and online job listing sites. You do all you can to make sure you present only the best applicants to your families for hiring consideration. Agency applications and background screening practices all are subject to various… Read more »

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Nanny Share

A nanny share is a common working situation that allows a nanny to care for the children in more than one family. The families literally share the nanny and it can be a great way to keep childcare costs at a minimum while still receiving the best care for your kids. If this is something you’ve… Read more »

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The Importance of Moral Leadership in the Nanny Industry

The author, Louise Dunham, is the principal of Placement Solutions, Melbourne Australia. Louise serves on the INA’s Executive Board and is the chair of the INA’s Ethics Committee. It would be nice if what I’m about to write didn’t need to be written. Surely, one would think, no one who chooses to work in an… Read more »

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Top 4 Reasons Professional Nannies Work with a Local Nanny Agency

As a career nanny, you have a number of avenues for finding a job, but finding just the right family can be a tricky task. You want to be respected for your experience and knowledge, compensated fairly, and treated as a professional. Using a local nanny agency can meet your needs and offers you peace… Read more »

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Nanny Agencies and Copyright Law

Please note: The information presented below is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice.  A nanny agency expends valuable resources in the creation and maintenance of a nanny agency’s web site, printed materials and proprietary forms. All too often a nanny agency’s original work – whether it be blog posts, web content or… Read more »

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Local Nanny Agencies Help Families Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes

When you are hiring a nanny, it can be tempting to make a quick decision based on instinct. However, you can avoid a number of common pitfalls if you work with a local agency. Agencies can educate you on your employer responsibilities, and will walk you through the entire hiring process to find a warm,… Read more »

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Nanny Agency Action On Child Protection: Part 2

INA member Louise Dunham, founder of the Australian nanny agency Placement Solutions, shares the actions her agency is taking to insure safe childcare. This is the second in a two part series. Child abuse indicators *The following is an extract from the Placement Solutions Child Protection Policy. Signs that child abuse is or has occurred… Read more »

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