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6 Tips for Hiring the Support Staff That Will Grow Your Business + Make You An Industry Leader

Finding the right support staff is critical to building your business for so many reasons. While you might already offer services independently, hand-picking the right people to passionately deliver those services on your behalf is another story. In this blog post, we’re going to explore six ways to hire the best support staff that will… Read more »

Tags: , , , , , , , | May 29, 2017

Conference Workshop Spotlight: Nanny Hacks and Finding the Best Nannies

Speaker: Jaclyn Burke Topics: Be the Best Agency by Finding the Best Nannies – 5 Nanny Hacks   “There is a revolution coming I think in terms of understanding the role of caregivers in our society…”   Let’s get to know a little more about Jaclyn Burke.  Ms. Burke is the author of “The Nanny… Read more »

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Conference Workshop Spotlight – Navigating The Local Marketing Maze: How To Reach The Right Audience With The Right Offer

Speaker: Jim Fitzgerald Topics: Marketing   “…walk away with a better understanding of [YOUR] demographic … track your campaigns to fully optimize results and improve future performance.” As part of our Blog series highlighting some of the speakers at this year’s Conference, we will be getting to know Jim Fitzgerald a little better. We are… Read more »

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The Importance of Moral Leadership in the Nanny Industry

The author, Louise Dunham, is the principal of Placement Solutions, Melbourne Australia. Louise serves on the INA’s Executive Board and is the chair of the INA’s Ethics Committee. It would be nice if what I’m about to write didn’t need to be written. Surely, one would think, no one who chooses to work in an… Read more »

Tags: , , | April 16, 2015

Advice on Your Nanny Job Search

INA member Greenhouse Agency has published a wonderful Job Seekers series on their business blog, and has graciously given the INA permission to share with our membership. If you ever wanted step by step instructions on how to best conduct your nanny job search, here it is! Part 1: Working with the household staffing agency –… Read more »

Tags: , , | March 26, 2015

Evolution of a Nanny Job

As a nanny agency in San Diego and Orange County for almost 10 years we have worked with many families from the time that they have a newborn through to the years where the kids begin elementary school. There are things, as parents we never think about when we have a new baby that pertain… Read more »

Tags: , | March 12, 2015