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How Can a Nanny Help You Cope with Baby Blues?

While giving birth can be an exhilarating and life-changing experience, it can also make you feel exhausted, drained, moody, or even weepy afterward. According to the American Pregnancy Association, about 70 to 80 percent of women experience some mood swings or other negative feelings after giving birth. These negative feelings are often referred to as… Read more »

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September is Safety Month! Baby and Child Safety Tips for Working Nannies

As a working nanny, safety is undoubtedly among your top priorities. It’s tough to make sure that young children avoid everyday dangers, let alone unexpected natural disasters like hurricanes and house fires. Keeping the kiddos safe is a year-round endeavor, but in light of September’s National Preparedness Month and Baby Safety Month events, here are… Read more »

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Not The Babysitter: How To Develop Your Professional Career In Child Care

Nannying has continuously evolved and changed over the years to meet the needs of children, their families, and the caretakers. As new research emerges and the child care community identifies a gap in how we can provide exceptional care, we can always count on the industry leaders, agencies, and child-focused experts to jump in and… Read more »

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Career Nanny vs Professional Nanny

At this point, I will go ahead and say it is pretty safe that everyone here knows the difference between a nanny and babysitter, right? If not, you can check out the International Nanny Association’s definition of these terms. Cool! So let’s archive that topic and move to a new discussion on which I have… Read more »

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Nannies: Parent’s Super Heroes

Nannies And Parents: Like Batman And Robin When you, as a parent, look into your child’s eyes for the first time, you are overcome with love. Your heart surges. You realize that you’ve never felt an emotion quite like this. You’ve transformed from a conventional human with regular emotions and typical responsibilities into a superhero… Read more »

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INA Helps Cleveland Clinic Research on Nannies and Child Food Allergies

Doctor Justin Greiwe, MD from the Cleveland Clinic approached the International Nanny Association several months ago and asked INA nannies to participate in an on-line survey assessing nannies knowledge of food allergies in children. As the “Authority on in-home child care”, the INA is an important resource to the Cleveland Clinic and others, as the… Read more »

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Nanny Resources | When a Band-aid is not Enough

Being a beacon of light for families that need guidance and resources to cope with everyday stress and difficult periods raising young children is a task that is not listed on many nanny job descriptions.  However, parents, nannies and children cannot escape stress or mend a broken heart with a magic band-aid.  During these times,… Read more »

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Child Abuse – Every Nanny’s Concern

Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect While a painful reality that most of us wish to avoid, all professionals working with children are ethically responsible to be aware of the indicators of child abuse and neglect, as well as what to do when abuse or neglect is suspected. It’s upsetting to think about child maltreatment, especially… Read more »

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