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Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus

Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus Speaker: Janeen Hayward Topics: Sleep Solutions “…the great importance of healthy sleep in terms of brain development and emotional regulations…” As we continue our series spotlighting presenters at this year’s INA Conference, we are taking a closer look at Janeen Hayward. Janeen Hayward has been… Read more »

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Conference Workshop Spotlight – Brain Development

Speaker: Deborah McNelis Topics: Infant Brain Development and Gender Differences “… creates an inspired confidence in providing what children need most from those caring for children.” In this posting, we are going to meet Deborah McNelis. Ms. McNelis is an author, international speaker, educator and parent. As a Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain… Read more »

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What Ivanka Trump’s Proposed Changes to the Child Care Tax Credit Can Mean to the Nanny World

  When President Trump laid out his vision for America to Congress last week he highlighted his vision to make tax policy around child care more family friendly. Ivanka outlined a plan to allow families to deduct child-care expenses from their taxable income, with the amount capped at the average cost of child care in their… Read more »

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Nannying Versus Day Care: 5 Pros And 5 (Possible) Cons

  Quite a few nannies start their childcare careers in daycare and many agencies daily field inquiries from daycare workers who are interested in making the shift. With that in mind, we thought it would be worthwhile exploring the pros and cons of nannying compared with daycare. While working as a nanny provides a wonderful… Read more »

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Create a Nanny Box

Do you love your job and the fun that goes with it?  Do you enjoy playing with the children, and seeing them develop and grow? Are there times that the kids you care for say they are bored even though they seem to have a million things to do in their home? This is why… Read more »

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Basic Standards and the “5 Take Flight” Video

There has been a lot of buzz in the nanny world since the “5 Take Flight” came out. This video shows parents who are looking for a nanny to travel the world with their family. A lot of nannies in the INA community have had mixed reactions to the details of the job. From low… Read more »

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Many Faces of INA Nannies: Thaty Oliveira

Today the INA would like to introduce you to Tatiane Dias de Oliveira. She is currently working in Cambridge, MA but is originally from Brazil. She came to the US in 2003 as an Au Pair and got her first full-time nanny position in the US in 2007. Known by her friends and family in… Read more »

Tags: | September 6, 2016

The Many Faces of INA Nannies: Cecily Laing

Today the INA would like to introduce you to Cecily Laing. She is from Melbourne Australia and is this year’s Placement Solutions Nanny of the Year as well as an INA 2016 Nanny of the Year Nominee. Cecily has been a nanny for 18 years and recently attended her first INA Conference. She had a… Read more »

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My Blended Career: Nanny, Musician, & Educator

    It was 1977 when I decided to pursue a nanny career. I found this experience to be a great adventure, and I knew quickly that I had found my true calling. But, there had always been another powerful force in my life, which pulled me in another direction. It is that of the artist, with… Read more »

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Back to Basics – Outside Fun That Will Remind You of Your Childhood

With summer upon us and the sun shining there is no better time to get the kids outside and play. Of course, it is important to remember to Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat, but once that is done get outside and enjoy playing with the kids. Whether… Read more »

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